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2012-03-26 OT Systems Hires Kendra Chan as S.E. Asia Sales Manager

OT Systems Hires Kendra Chan as S.E. Asia Sales Manager

Hong Kong (March 21, 2012) – To support South East Asia’s continued security and economic growth , OT Systems recently hired Kendra Chan as the company’s new regional sales manager based in Malaysia.

“OT Systems has many customers in the South East Asia region and that number is growing every day.  As a result, we decided we needed a dedicated sales manager in the region to offer timely and personalized service and support to our customers,” said Calvin Wong, international business development manager of OT Systems. “Kendra brings experience and connections with some of the biggest system integrators in the region and we are happy to have her supporting our customers in that part of the world.”

Before joining OT Systems, Kendra was Sales Manager at Isolectra, ADT and Tyco. In those positions she handled a great range of security products, creating a variety of security applications for her customers. Kendra speaks and reads English and Chinese along with Malay.

OT Systems' fiber optic, network and broadcast products span a variety of security application requirements and offer fiber transmission flexibility. They are particularly suitable for security and transportation surveillance, such as airport, warehouse, railway, highway/toll station control, perimeter protection, manufacturing facilities, institutions and all other areas where video and data transmission quality is a top priority

OT Systems is based in Hong Kong, with operation in Europe and the United States. The company’s products are available worldwide. For more information about OT Systems please visit: www.ot-systems.com. Or to contact us sales@ot-systems.com