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Easy Communication for Serial Data & Contact Closure Signals

*** Serial Data & Contact Closure to Fiber Media Converters ***

Easy Communication for Serial Data / Contact Closure Signals

***  Ethernet Media Converters with Serial Data / Contact Closure ***

In specifying the ideal transmission solutions for serial and contact closure devices, fiber connection could be considered one of the best. Fiber connection provides immunity to noise interference, offering a clear transmission channel, regardless of distance. And, it’s the best choice for transmitting sensitive information because it is impervious to corruption.


Serial-to-fiber media converters offer simple setup and better cost benefits when compared to copper cabling. It provides not only electrical signals but also data signals to optical conversion, and coverts the incoming optical signals back to the original electronic signals. It’s a secure and easy deployable optical link.


OT Systems' ET1111SDH media converter series supports point-to-point configuration to simply convert both RS-232/422/485 serial interfaces and Ethernet (Cat.5) over a fiber optical cable. It extends the transmission distance up to 20km over single-mode or 2km over multimode fiber. Installers can easily use the interface on a 3-way pan/tilt head, card reader, detection sensor or any serial input. This serial-to-fiber product series increases the range of your serial interfaces and establishes interference-free communication. And, its compact-size design provides the flexibility to fit in most IP camera housing for IP surveillance applications.


Contact Closure-to-Fiber

A contact closure device is typically used in an application with fire alarm, access control or traffic signal control systems to detect the open or closed status of a circuit. It's a simple but effective way to switch on the alarm system for security or in an emergency.


OT Systems' ET1111CBH media converter series is designed for industrial and control applications. This contact closure-to-fiber product series converts a contact-closure input into fiber-optic signals for transmission over a single-fiber optic link in both directions using SFP optics. It’s available with NO or NC, dry contacts. The ET111CBH series extends up to 20km long distance for remote transmission and provides fast relay response in 2ms, bridging the gap between automation and control environments and traditional IP based networks. This series offers flexibility and is perfectly suited for city surveillance or traffic control applications.



  1. Point-to-point transmission
  2. Plug-and-play
  3. Extend transmission distance up to 20km (Single mode)/ 2km (Multi mode)
  4. Compatible with multi-mode or single mode optical fiber
  5. Wide-range operating temperature -40℃ to 75℃
  6. Compact design