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Long Range Ethernet

*** Ethernet over UTP Solution ***

Long Range Ethernet

*** Ethernet over UTP Solution ***

EtherXtra™ Ethernet-over-UTP series extends the Ethernet transmission distance and breaks the 100-meter Ethernet limit, enabling a simplified system configuration. The point-to-point solution provides an easy installation and the PoE-equipped products delivers 30-watt high power access on UTP (Cat.5) cable to IP devices. With the EoUTP extender products, system integrators can install IP cameras or other devices up to 600m from the central monitoring station without needing an additional power point at the remote end.



  1. Suitable for mid-range application (Distance up to 600m)
  2. Ethernet distance over 100m
  3. Low-cost and simple installation with UTP (Cat.5) cable deployment
  4. Eliminates remote power source
  5. Utilizes centralized power system for better control and monitoring