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Industrial grade network switch enhance the transmission system for Royal Oman Police Station

One of the high-tech Police force in the world, the Royal Oman Police has replaced their transmission systems in police station. The faster and more stable fiber optical switch with Video Analytic technology helps the Police force efficiency.


The Solution

OT Systems’ industrial managed switch IET8242MPpH-S-DR with Strong 6KV Surge protection PoE function, support 20km optical distance and the embedded software “Surveillance Device Management” is a cutting-edge solution for the operator at the transmission monitoring systems, providing real-time monitoring and troubleshooting.

Inside the police station, the application with our industrial IP CCTV switch (ET4222Pp-S-DR, ET8122PpH-S-DR) connects with the IP cameras to guard the police cells security.

Applications of our full portfolio Managed, Self-configured / Smart and Unmanaged Ethernet switches secure and boost IP-communication networks in police station parking area, sensor devices.

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