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29 Oct 2015

OT Systems to enhance the transmission for Macau Citizen Footbridge surveillance system

October, 2015

OT Systems to Enhance the Transmission for Citizen Footbridge Surveillance System in Macau


ong Kong, October 29, 2015 -- OT Systems, a global leader in security transmission, announced the installation of their industrial PoE switches to enhance and extend the transmission capabilities for a system featuring more than 200 PoE IP and dome cameras needed to protect pedestrians in the newly opened circular, Citizen Footbridge in Taipia, Macau.

Unveiled in September, 2015, the architecturally grand Citizen Footbridge is located in the traffic hub connecting Taipa and Cotai downtowns and is designed to bring convenience and safety daily to thousands of pedestrians who use the Footbridge. The Footbridge features five gateways connecting Taipa old towns, Cotai Strip and the Grantai mountain walking precinct. It also links to Estrada da Baía de Nossa Senhora da Esperança’s walking systems, providing an easy and timely way for the citizens and visitors to travel through the area.

The surveillance system uses more than 200 PoE IP and dome IP cameras to monitor footbridges, gateways, escalators, lifts, stairs and the surrounding areas monitored by the system. Armada International Ltd., OT Systems’ HK distributor, applied OT Systems’ industrial PoE switches to offer the system an extended transmission distance on the footbridge without adding additional infrastructure or cabling to The Macau Government – Department of Infrastructure Development.

This innovative and extensive system features 60 OT Systems' ET4111Pp-S-DR industrial switches on the camera end and 60 ET2111 industrial Ethernet switches rack-mounted in the 19” chassis in the control centre. One ET4111Pp-S-DR industrial switch connects up to 4 IP cameras with maximum 30W output power for each camera. Its output power is capable of supporting power hungry devices including PTZ IP cameras. The switch can extend the Ethernet distance up to 20km via fiber links, offering easy connection to the system's control centre for security control management.

ET4111Pp-S-DR industrial Ethernet switch comes equipped with 4 Ethernet ports, saving 75% of the fiber links when compare to using single-channel media converters. Also, it supports in a rugged aluminum case and works from -10oC to 60oC, enabling it to operate in the high-temperature of the outdoor locations in the Footbridge system. And, ET2111 industrial Ethernet switch card modules are installed at the control centre. It passes the received Ethernet signal to the surveillance system inside the centre. All modules are placed in the 19”rack mount chassis. The hot-swap feature allows a failure card module to be unplugged from the chassis without any service interruption to the other modules located within the same chassis. To maintain a safe and secure environment for all pedestrians using the Footbridge, OT Systems guarantees the high transmission stability and ensures excellent service quality for the transmission system in the Macau Citizen Footbridge.


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OT Systems to Enhance the Transmission for Citizen Footbridge Surveillance System in Macau application

Industrial Unmanaged 4-port 10/100Base-TX (PoE+) + 1-port 100Base-FX SFP Ethernet Switch

ET2111 Series

Industrial Unmanaged 2-port 10/100Base-TX + 1-port 100Base-FX Ethernet Switch


12-slot 19” Rack Mount Chassis for ET2111 Series


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