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FT Series
System Diagnostic an Monitoring (SDM)
System operating status can be monitored and diagnosed remotely via web browser and this SDM Module installed in the 19" Intelligent Rack. It also supports signal quality, alarm alerts and event message reporting.
2-in-1 Modular Design for Standalone or Rack-mount Installation
The unit's unique modular design allows same unit to be installed as Standalone Module or as Card Module in the 19" Intelligent Rack-mount Chassis
Redundant Power Supplies for 19" Intelligent Rack-mount Chassis
Two power supplies can be installed in the 19" Intelligent Rack-mount Chassis to provide power redundancy and load sharing. If one of the units fails, the remaining power supply will take up thye full load. For additional safety and reliability, the power supply is built in with an alarm buzzer.
All Digital Non-compressed Video Processing
Non-compressed digital video transmission employs HD-SDI, 8-bit or 10-bit PCM scheme which complies with industrial standard for quality assurance.
Wide Operating Temperature Range
All products are ruggedized and disigned for use in harsh environment. Operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +75°C, suitable for any Northern or Southern countries with extreme temperature range.
Surge Protection for Video, Data and Power Supply
Video, data and power on all products are surge-protected by surge-protector and transient suppression device. This helps protectg the products and accessories from unpredictabgle external surge in voltage.